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Second management board meeting of IRPID-RN-I, 5 March 2017
Sunday, June 11, 2017

The second management board meeting of The International Research Program for Irrigation & Drainage, Iran Regional Node (IRPID-RN-I) was held back to back to the 13th International Drainage Workshop (IDW) in Ahvaz, I.R. Iran, 5 March 2017.

The Participants of the Second management board meeting of the IRPID-RN-I were the representatives of the member countries including: Iran, Russia, South Korea, Egypt and Dr Saeed Nairizi, (ICID President) and Mr Avinash Tyagi (ICID Secretary General), Chairman of the PCTA (Mr. Ding Kunlun), National Consultant of FAO Representation in the Islamic Republic of Iran (Mr. saeid ferdowsi), Head and Executive secretary of IRPID-RN-I, representatives of IRNCID, Chairman and managing director of Khuzestan Water and Power Authority (Mr. Mohamad Reza Shamsaei), Deputies of Khuzestan Water and Power Authority, Representative of Iran’s Ministry of Jihad-e Agriculture (Mr. Hossein Dehghani Sanij).

The main task of this meeting was to compile and review IRPID’s regional node 3-years (2017- 2020) action plan. In this meeting:

  • Ms Zohrabi as, IRPID-Iran regional node Secretary presented a brief review on the activities carried out by the secretariat.
  •  ICID President and ICID Secretary General presented short speeches on the main objectives and modes of cooperation in researches programs all over the world.
  •  Dr. Monem as the Head of IRPID-RN-I described the 3-year draft action plan in details.
  •  Members of the board meeting posed their viewpoints on the objectives and details of the action plan.
  • Voluntarily membership fees at 500$ with the aim of funding and support activities in line with the current costs of the center was proposed. KWPA agreed to fully cover the running costs of this research program.