IRPID RN-I Structure

Each regional network shall have minimum of 3 member countries of ICID. The Regional Node is established in one of the countries of the concerned regional network based on the approval of IEC. Funds for the activities of the Regional Node and its members are to be provided by the member countries themselves. Representative of the RN country constitute a  Management Board coordinates and acts as its Head. RN will

(a) orient research activities according to the agreed Framework Action Plan aligned to overall ICID strategies;

(b) coordinate high quality research in accordance with the work plan agreed to;

(c) report research impacts as is required by the Board or any performance contract; and

(d) empower member countries in fulfilling their objectives.

Member countries of Iran Regional Node (RN- I) consist of:

Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Russia, South Korea and Tajikistan

Regional Nodes Organizational Chart

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