Management Board of Regional Node

Management Board of Regional Node (MBRN) consists of:

(i) Head of RN,

(ii) Representatives of participating member countries,

(iii) Representative of PCTA,

(iv) Executive Secretary,

(v) Regional FAO Representative,

(vi) Regional IDB Representative, or other world/regional development banks, donors.

Functions of the Regional Nodes

(i) Enhance research activities in irrigation and drainage science, technology, and management aspects in a concerted action within the member countries.

(ii) Support uptake of the advanced techniques suitable to the regional conditions,

(iii) Support capacity development activities of members through training and/or workshops,

(iv) Promote efficiency of each member to work individually, and

(v) Enhance financial resources available to members through joint projects and implement such joint activities.

The scope of the activities of Regional Nodes:

RNs as part of their Action Plan may consider undertaking, but not limited to, the following activities:

(i) Study and research engineering aspects of irrigation and drainage related issues such as reservoirs, canals, drains, and other related infra‐structures for storage, conveyance, distribution, collection, and disposal of water.

(ii) Conduct researches on stakeholders' participation in irrigation and drainage management.

(iii) Investigate appropriate legislative requirements in different aspects of irrigation and drainage.

(iv) Facilitate implementation of the research projects related to social and economic considerations of irrigation and drainage.

(v) Support and coordinate exploration in smallholder irrigation, drainage networks, sustainability, deficit irrigation, water conservation, use of unconventional water, and modernization of irrigation schemes.

(vi) Facilitate investigations on enhancing the environmental impacts of irrigation and drainage projects leading to more sustainable development.

(vii) Conceive capacity development in knowledge, skills and know‐how in developing and low income countries, through dissemination of research outcomes.

(viii) Provide a comprehensive data bank on irrigation and drainage research activities and outcomes among ICID member countries.

(ix) Cooperate with other national, regional, and international organizations, whose interests and activities are related to the mission of IRPID.

(x) Support research and innovations in irrigation and drainage equipment and technologies.

(xi) Hold periodical meetings, conferences, exhibitions and workshops, and supporting the publication of conference proceedings, reports, guidelines, documents, and electronic media materials related to irrigation and drainage research outcomes in accordance with ICID's rules and regulations.

MBRN’s responsibilities

Each unit carries out the following duties:

(a) Head of Regional Node: is responsible for all the research and capacity development activities according to the agreed work plan prepared and approved, adhering to the Framework Action Plan,

(b) Representatives of member countries: Are responsible for implementing the work plan and coordination within their countries,

(c) Representative of PCTA: Reporting on research impacts as is required by the management board of the regional node or any performance contract,

(d) Executive Secretary:

  • Is responsible for the day to day works of coordination and shall save and report to the AC.
  • Support the Node autonomy and flexibility in fulfilling their roles.